Water damage to your home and the subsequent development of mold can be pain to clean up on your own, but you can rely on ESR Disaster Hero for complete water damage restoration and clean-up services. Our Tulsa-based team is highly trained, certified, and ready to tackle any water damage situation. From mitigating water damage to mold removal and repairing your residential or business property, our technicians are well-equipped to deliver exceptional repair results.

Following a few simple tips can help you prevent water damage and mold from occurring in the first place: 

Control indoor moisture

Excess moisture in your home can lead to mold growth. Mold thrives in damp environments, so it’s important to manage the moisture levels in your home to prevent it from developing and spreading. The most common areas of a home likely to be infested with mold include:  

  • Dark, damp crawl spaces  
  • Ceiling insulation where water has leaked through the roof  
  • Damages walls  
  • Garages  
  • Basements with poor drainage systems  

The problem with mold is that you often don’t know it’s there until it has established a stronghold.

Routine mold inspections can help avoid major mold infestations. Professionals can identify mold hazards in your home that could pose risks to you or your loved ones. The sooner you find—or better yet prevent—mold, the better. To schedule a mold inspection, contact ESR Disaster Hero today. 

Use a bathroom fan

Insufficient ventilation in bathrooms can create a breeding ground for moisture buildup and subsequent water damage. Each time you take a bath or shower, steam and condensation build up on your walls and ceiling. Over time, this can lead to mold growth or structural problems in and around your bathroom that could be costly to fix.

ESR Disaster Hero recommends equipping every bathroom with a shower or tub with a high-powered exhaust fan to effectively eliminate moisture while you’re bathing. If installing a fan isn’t an option, our water damage team suggests leaving the door open and placing a small fan nearby while you’re in the bathroom. This should help disperse the moisture and keep it from building up. 

Install humidity sensors

If you live in a humid climate, humidity sensors can monitor your home’s humidity levels. High levels of humidity in a home can lead to the development of mold or rotted walls. Additionally, visible signs such as mildew buildup on windows may indicate a need for humidity control measures.

At the same time, too little humidity can be a bad thing. The right amount of humidity in the air during the winter can help keep your home warm and reduce the amount of dust accumulation and provide a cleaner and more comfortable living space.

If you’re dealing with excess or too little humidity, ESR Disaster Hero recommends that you invest in a humidifier or dehumidifier, based on your situation. Used in conjunction with a sensor, these tools will allow you to maintain an ideal humidity level in your home.

Use a bath squeegee

Showers and bathtubs are hotbeds for mildew and mold growth. Even small amounts of standing water can breed unwanted contaminants.

ESR Disaster Hero recommends that you use a squeegee to remove water buildup from showers and bathtubs daily. This simple step can help decrease the likelihood that mold or mildew will develop.

Remove mold immediately

Mold can grow on just about any surface and in any moist location, including the grout lines between ceramic shower tiles. As soon as you spot mold, scrub it with detergent and liquid and let the surface dry completely.

If mold persists, try using a bleach mixture. Apply the mixture to the contaminated area and let it stand for about ten minutes. Rinse the area thoroughly and let it dry.

In addition, hardware and retail stores sell solutions that can successfully clean and remove mold. However, please note that some chemicals can damage surfaces or only provide a temporary solution.

If you’re dealing with mold or water damage in your home or office, our team of professionals is ready 24/7 to take on the job. Our water damage Tulsa team does the job with excellence every time. To schedule a mold inspection or water damage restoration clean-up, contact ESR Disaster Hero today.