A damaged or poorly maintained roof can result in a wide range of problems. Left untreated, water damage to your home from a roof leak can be devastating. If the leak isn’t repaired quickly, it can result in steep out-of-pocket costs because insurance companies often consider untreated water damage to be negligence.

The ESR Disaster Hero water damage restoration team is here to help. If you experience water damage due to a roof leak, we’ll get to your property fast and immediately start working on a solution.

Signs your roof has a leak

Roof leaks are often difficult to spot, so they go unnoticed until water damage has seeped its way all the way into your home, resulting in warped or discolored areas on your ceiling or walls. External signs of leaks include discolored areas on your roof, missing or warped shingles, or areas where shingles have shifted out of place.

Over time, roof leaks expand and allow more water to make its way into your home. That’s why it’s important to fix the situation as soon as possible. You’ll thank yourself later for the time and money you saved by addressing the issue early, rather than putting it off until it becomes a severe problem that demands hours of costly labor.

Our ESR Disaster Hero water restoration team is experienced at quickly repairing roof damage caused by severe weather, like hail storms or tornadoes, or general deterioration over time. In addition, if your home has already experienced water damage due to a leaking roof or any other source, we can clean it up and make everything look and function like brand new.

Roof leaks can cause mold

If you find mold in your home, it’s important to have it removed in a timely manner. Otherwise, it will have time to set in and spread. Key sources of mold include gutters and wet roof insulation.

Clogged gutters and wet roof insulation can lead to mold

If your roof gutters are clogged, mold has the perfect breeding ground it needs to start spreading. Having your gutters cleaned and inspected frequently can help prevent mold from forming.

Wet roof insulation is another key source of mold. If you notice insulation coming up through your roof or smell something strange in your home, have your roof and attic area inspected to make sure that no water has made it through to your insulation.

Whether you’re dealing with clogged gutters, wet roof insulation, or another water damage situation, ESR Disaster Hero’s team of highly qualified water restoration experts can provide you with the specialized, professional care you need. While other companies focus on solving specific problems, complete water restoration solutions often require the expertise of a wide range of professionals. This is one of the great advantages of working with ESR Disaster Hero: We’re ready to take on any and all water restoration issues you have.

Roof leaks can lead to higher energy bills

If your roof is damaged, the same gaps or holes that let water leak into your home can allow climate-controlled air to escape. Placing greater demands on your heating or cooling system results in higher energy bills.

Working with ESR Disaster Hero to repair your roof can solve both problems at the same time. We use state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to repair your roof so you can lower your energy bills and get back to living your life.

What to do if pests damage your roof

Insects, rodents, pests, and other critters infest roofs more often than you may think. Sometimes, even snakes are drawn to the warm, dark area a roof provides. If a critter creates or finds a small hole, over time it can dig and enlarge the hole to the point that it may even find its way into your home.

From here, pests may reproduce and start spreading to other parts of your home. Critters are drawn to areas where food is stored and often dig their way through the walls or ceiling in order to feed on your goods.

By repairing and maintaining your roof, ESR Disaster Hero can help prevent infestations. If something goes wrong, you can depend on our team of experts 24/7 to be the heroes you need. To schedule a roof repair or inspection, contact ESR Disaster Hero today.